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Why townhouses continue to be a stable investment

Thursday, 8th Apr

While there has always been a very strong demand for townhouses, read on to find out more about...

How We Strategically Select Investment Properties

Wednesday, 23rd Sep

When working with our members to select suitable investment properties, we always begin with...

Investing in Yourself - A Personal Development Plan

Thursday, 27th Aug

At The Property Mentors, we talk a lot about having a plan.

We talk about envisioning your...

Selina & Daniel - Member Case Study

Thursday, 20th Aug

Selina and Daniel

Selina and Daniel were looking forward to having their second child, and also...

Should I Buy a New or Established Investment Property?

Friday, 14th Aug

A common question that people ask when considering purchasing an investment property is, “Should...

Case Study - Clarity & Perspective Overcome Fear

Wednesday, 12th Aug

Lee anD Hannah

Lee 55, and Hannah 50 owned their own home with a mortgage, however, it would be...

The Common Investment Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Saturday, 1st Aug

So, what are the most common mistakes that investors make?

Before I can answer this question,...

What is Rentvesting and Why Do People Choose It?

Wednesday, 1st Jul

In essence, the strategy of Rentvesting is investing into an investment property first (in...

3 Tips to Make Additional Money from your Property Portfolio

Wednesday, 1st Apr

When we’re young, the bulk of our income goes towards paying our bills, mortgage, and lifestyle....

Time vs. Money? Active and Passive Income Ratios

Wednesday, 4th Mar

Wow, it's March already. I guess there's no denying time really does "march on" — pardon the pun!

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