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The current low-interest-rate environment presents excellent opportunities for investors with reliable employment and access to equity as they can take advantage of cheap money. Over the past 12 months, many of our members have been able to secure off-market investment properties that are already putting money in their pockets every week after all expenses.

The Federal and State Governments have pledged billions of dollars to stimulate the construction industry. Homebuyers and homeowners may access tax-free grants to build bigger and better homes. History has shown us that these grants lead to higher property values as the grant amounts get “baked in” to the price of new properties.

Far from a crash, it seems that many areas of Australian cities are poised for a COVID-fueled boom.

But what about those of us with cash to invest who can’t or don’t want to borrow to purchase property? The best returns we can expect from banks or bonds are currently less than 2%.

The good news is, there are strategies to benefit from property without taking on debt.

At The Property Mentors, we have long recognised that at various stages of their investing careers our members may need to invest in property without taking a loan themselves. Or they may require a higher return than the banks can provide on their cash to build their next deposit faster. Or they may just need to generate an income.

To these ends, we developed our Become The LenderTM and Wholesale Property TrustTM strategies.

Become The LenderTM gives investors access to property-secured peer-to-peer investment opportunities, which are currently returning five times the ROI of the best rate for a term-deposit with the major banks.

The chart below shows how your passive investment could more than double in less than ten years using the Become The LenderTM system.

BTL 10 Year Projection

Our Wholesale Property TrustsTM enable our members to invest in units of a diversified portfolio of properties and enjoy the benefits of quarterly cash flow and leveraged capital appreciation from as little as $75,000.

Unlike retail real estate trusts, there are no management fees. All profits go to unit holders.

The trusts may borrow to a maximum of 50% LVR, so unit holders enjoy a conservative yet powerful level leverage in the market without needing to borrow in their own names, and without submitting to credit checks.

The Wholesale Property Trusts’TM mandate is to acquire property for long-term hold at a significant discount to retail and all assets must generate at least 5% per annum income.

The table below illustrates how an investment could grow and potentially provide income for retirement.

WPT 25 Year Projection

For generations, property has underpinned the vast bulk of the private wealth of Australian families. If you want to learn more about ways to benefit from the growth and resilience of the Australian property market, download a fact sheet below.

BTL Fact Sheet

WPT Fact Sheet


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